Adam L. Plimley


Computer Scientist - Software Engineer

Hi, I am a professional software developer based in the beautiful county of Cornwall in the UK.

I have been programming for 28 years, since the age of 11 when I used to write in BASIC for the 48k Spectrum (1980's UK computer). I was always into writing games and by the age of 14 I was programming in assembly language, creating blitters and things for my graphics programs.

I attended college where I studied engineering and computing before going to university and studying computer science.

I have worked for a number of businesses locally and have been responsible for developing projects as diverse as medical assessment software, e-commerce solutions and plugins for existing applications.

Since joining the bitcoin community in 2011 I have been involved with projects ranging from implementing client/server software to mobile applications development.

My "C++ coder for hire" thread can be found on here which contains reviews of my work.

My github account is here . I also have several private projects on bitbucket that I will give access to for serious enquiries and can also provide references from previous employers.

Commercial work experience

Computing skills


Other skills

Operating Systems

Hobbies and Interests

Artificial intelligence, game programming, photography, image processing, design, martial arts, reading books, music, psychology and philosophy.